Seth Anderson-Oberman

Democrat for 8th District City Council

Please watch our campaign video.

Vote May 16th

My name is Seth Anderson-Oberman. I am a Black working-class union organizer, dad, and Germantown resident running for 8th district city council.

As a father who lies awake at night worrying about the city our kids will inherit, I decided to run to fight for a future for ALL of our children. A future with fully-resourced schools, rec centers and libraries open 7-days a week, deeply affordable housing, community-led development, and family-sustaining jobs.

I am a union organizer with 2+ decades of experience and have a strong track record of building power for working people — helping thousands of workers across multiple states and within our district to secure fair wages and safe working environments.

Now, I am standing with my neighbors across North and Northwest Philadelphia to build power in our communities. Residents of the 8th district deserve a city councilmember who holds themselves accountable to working people, not special interests. We deserve representation that cares about every block and every neighbor. Join us.