The Issues

A New Approach to Community Safety

We need a holistic and multi-layered approach to public safety that brings resources into our communities experiencing the highest rates of crime, targets efforts at poverty reduction, and treats violence as the community healthcare crisis it is. Evidence shows violence interruption, peer support, healthcare responder and other public health systems are all violence-reducing approaches. District 8 can change the city-wide discussion around public safety with leaders who understand that meeting people’s needs and investing care, compassion, and resources into our communities is the path to a safer Philadelphia.

As Your 8th District City Councilperson, Seth Will…

Housing Justice

The 8th District is facing a housing crisis, just like the rest of Philadelphia. Back in 2018 over half of our district’s renters and a third of our district’s homeowners were housing cost burdened – meaning that after paying their housing costs there wasn’t enough left over to meet other basic needs like food, medicine, childcare or transportation. And it has only gotten worse. Displacement – due to rising rents, housing costs and property taxes – is unraveling the fabric of our neighborhoods. Having a safe and affordable place to call home is fundamental to individual, family, and community well-being

It is time for City Council to deliver for families that have suffered from decades of disinvestment and the generational legacy of racist redlining practices. It is time for City Council to guarantee deeply affordable housing for renters and homeowners, to utilize housing-first approaches that provide homes to people experiencing homelessness, and to ensure union jobs, with family-sustaining wages, are used to build new homes. 

Seth will be a City Councilmember who looks at every possible tool to keep rents within reach, protect tenants from predatory landlords, and ensure that everyone in the 8th District has an affordable place to call home.

As Your 8th District City Councilperson, Seth Will…

Community-Led Development

For far too long, constituents of the 8th district have been unjustly shut out of development processes which affect all aspects of their lives. District City Council members hold immense power in making development decisions. We need leaders who foster policies of transparency and accountability in development, not stifle them. Seth will fight for responsible community-led development which engages community members throughout the entire process, giving us a voice in building the future of our district.

As Your 8th District City Councilperson, Seth Will…

Fighting for the Schools Our Kids Deserve!

All students deserve equitable access to valuable resources that ensure their physical safety, educational success, and emotional well-being. We need to protect and nurture our public schools, fully invest in them, and institute a fair funding formula that equitably invests in students from all of our communities.

As Your 8th District City Councilperson, Seth Will…